Hello there!

My name is Jordan Carter and I am a game developer, programmer and VR enthuesiast. I have been designing and developing games for over 6 years, both as a freelancer and in full time positions.

I have extensive experience using C# and the Unity game engine, and have been working within it both for professional and personal projects for over 6 years. I have working knowledge of C++, C#, F#, Python and Java. I have also created custom sharers in Unity’s adaptation of CG/HLSL.

I pride myself on being organised in my work, and helping to improve the workflow for both myself and other team members.

I personally take great enjoyment from extracting ideas and concepts from the creative members of the team, and collaborating with them to produce a realistic and plausible mechanics to be implemented within the game.

I invite you to look over my portfolio, and if you wish to contact me email me at [email protected].